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No.1S She 
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[blood line] no.1-S "She"

* Please check the details of doll's body image on "Data Room"

* Both of Sugarsleek share the same model of body, the difference is the head size.

R is 6inch, while S is 5inch.

* eye diameter : 8mm

* head grith : 5inch

* After you order the product, annul of the order and refund is not possible, by reason of ordering-and-making system.

* Can be shipped within 45-50 business days.

1. Product composition

- She main body(The selections of skin color is available.)

- Pouch, cotton covers, certification card

Modeling : Kim Jiae - C
Make-up : Red_kun
outfit : Kim Jiae - C


* Ball-jointed-dolls are always produced by the ordering-and-making system.

Every dolls is handmade, and each and every one of dolls has its own serial number.

For avoiding coufusions of serial numbers,
An annul of the order and refund is not possible after you order the product,
just because of customers' fickleness.

* the color of doll images now on the screen could be some differences with the original ones, depending on the conditions and property of the monitor.


The She _ Act 1.

There was one light...  dim and deep light...
carried off by the current... along the river.
She wanted to be vanished, suppressed by the flow,
and cut her life by herself... given as a pure human being

What had she done wrong?
Locked in the cage of hatred? Since when?

She was beloved girl. Deserved enough to be so.
As the only lover of her left her for a moment to make money,so they would build their own house
and live together, Everything was going wrong.
Many men those wanted to possess her and failed, begun to spread a vile and sly rumor.
And that rumor has infected everyone's mind... women those were jealous of her beauty,
and just ordinary ones those did not wanted to be sacrificed by it.
They slashed and hack her up... by their tongue.

" You don't deserve to have a blonde hair, do ya?

Just why don't you rather be covered with filth?  Cuz that suits you better! "

Those tedious, meaningless out of consciousness, made her in deep blue.
Strocking down her hair with fingers, she was tring to blame her long blonde hair.

Yet it was so much beloved enough already  to make her give up to do so.
That warm feeling made her comfortable always,
moreover, she strongly believed it was her only last ray of light giving her a will to sustain herself.

Nightmares came and hack her everyday.
She had to bear false charges and absurd insults.
In a shower of blames, a self-defense was meaningness, she already knew it sometimes hurts herself. And finally it made her silent. Ever. 

The summer breeze was blowing, and leaves were turning into deep green.
She was sitting on the edge of bridge, tring to feel it with closed eyes.
Feels like she could breath in this clean air.

And, someone suddenly pushed her so she was almost fallen down.

"Sorry ~ I thought it was a friend of mine. Wish I didn't make you mad?"

The crowd taunted her. Same as usual.

"Wish I was fell into river and be vanished."

Her small, yet furious voice echoed.


" Vanished into river? You think you deserve it?
A filthy girl like you would be nothing but a trivial stain for this beautiful river."


The crowd .. with pushing with their shoulders, roughly passed her. Just like a lion boasting its overwhelming power.
The power of crowd is undeniable. They could just hide themselves as they are blamed and charged, whenever they want...
Just like a fleet of fishes, hiding themselves, without feeling guilty... just like playing game, they were punishing the girl.

The river flow under the bridge was beautiful.
But her image... mirrored in the river, was too ragged, so much she'd rather erase everything, even herself.


"A beautiful river flow... Will you clean me with your beautiful touch? Filth that fetters me...
Will you... clean it?


Before a shed tear of her fell down to the river..
Her body was thrown into it.

*A sealing box the SUGARBLE doll had been provided will be substituted with pouch below.
We know the box has been beloved by many customers so far, yet we decided to provide much more
practical and useful item then the previous.

It is a pouch me have sincerely prepared for carrying dolls safer and lighter than a sealing box, including shock absorbing materials.

We all thank you for your love for our sealing boxes so far, and please be look forward to pouches from now.
Thank you.

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