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No.1L The Hell Warrior
 Selling Price :
 Code : 20120405040648
 Manufacturer : sugarble
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[blood line] no.1-L Genie"The Hell Warrior"

* Limitation only 1EA in the world

Thank you for your interest in the SUGARBLE DOLL auction.
Now, the auction for "The Hell Warrior" has been closed,

but since there were no bidders for the auction,
the product will be on sale at 890USD(first-come-first-serve, only for one person),on April 15th.
For those who've hesitated about paticipating the auction,
don't miss the last chance!


1. Product composition

- Golden brown skin genie main body

   - SUGARBLE Bag, cotton covers, certification card

   -  Limitation "The Hell Warrior" clothes 

   - Limitation Make up

   - Wig

   - eyes


Body size

* Gender : male

* Weight : 2300g

* Eye diameter : 14mm,16mm

* Height : 70cm

* Head Circumference : 20.6cm

* Neck Circumference : 11cm

* Bust Circumference : 31.5cm

* Shoulder size : 14cm

* Waist Circumference : 25cm

* Hip Circumference : 28.2cm

* Arm length :22cm

* wrist Circumference : 6.8cm

* Thigh Circumference : 17cm

* Hip to ankle length : 44cm (leg length)

* Foot size : 8.5cm

* Please check the details of doll's body image on "Data Room "

* the color of doll images now on the screen could be some differences with the original ones, depending on the conditions and property of the monitor.

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ID : Guest(sugarbledoll)  

Title: The auction starts at 890USD

The auction starts at 890USD, and the date of the auction is April 5th~13th

You can definitely look forward to it!
2012-04-06 (10:56) Modify Delete
ID : Guest(Tina Marie Comr)  

Title: [blood line] no.1-L Genie
Contents: the doll needs a more masculine jawline.
2012-04-08 (14:43) Modify Delete
ID : Guest()  

Title: Face much too feminine
Contents: Agreeing with other poster about this doll needing a much more masculine jawline, and could possibly also benefit from more masculine mouth and eyes and nose ridge. The dainty little face looks eerily out of step with the masculine body
2012-04-12 (22:05) Modify Delete
ID : green11(Antonina)  

Title: My delight
Contents: I think he is very gorgeous! Absolutely magic creation! Makeup is fantastically delightful. All image as a whole is magnificent also! Bravo for you!
2012-04-13 (01:54) Modify Delete
ID : Guest(Heather)  

Title: <3
Contents: If i were not broke I would be bidding. I have loved Genie since he was released.
2012-04-13 (19:33) Modify Delete
ID : MiniVega(MiniVega)  

Title: Genie
Contents: I think he's perfect, absolutely stunning *o* And the face-up is beautiful! Great job ^^
2012-04-13 (23:59) Modify Delete
ID : Guest(sugarble)  

Title: By the Korean Standard Time- April 13th, 24:00 at midnight, we close the auction.
Contents: By the Korean Standard Time- April 13th, 24:00 at midnight, we close the auction.
2012-04-16 (17:08) Modify Delete
ID : Guest(pendrith)  

Title: <3
Contents: I love this doll but $890 is a bit expensive for me :(
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