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No.2L bloody Ludwig
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 "The Ninja of The Snowy Kingdom" Event(Oct 22 ~ 31 , 2014)

Event No.1
30% off for "The Ninja of The Snowy Kingdom"

Event No.2
We give wig up to 20 items in the order of purchase.

Snow... snow... snow... everywhere.
It seemed I walked and walked about almost over three days, all now I can see is endless whiteout, yet.
I eager to see something clear.
I eager to see something makes my fading consciousness, soul, and sight clear and awaken.
You... the pure white is nothing for me.
You... the bloody red... is the pure beauty for me all alone.

[Sugar line] no.2 - L "bloody Ludwig"

* After you order the product, annul of the order and refund is not possible,

   by reason of ordering-and-making system.

* Can be shipped within 45-50 business days.

1. Product composition

   - Ludwig main body(The selections of skin color is available.)

   - SUGARBLE Bag, cotton covers, certification card

    Components(additional items)
    Kimono pants, leather vest, jacket,  and arm warmers(upper and lower arms)

    * Bloody body brushing, clothes, and make up are basically painted by spraying     

       paint, so please keep in mind there would be some differences between the

       preview images and acutal products, before you place your order.

Body size

* Gender : male

* Weight : 2300g

* Eye diameter : 12mm,14mm

* Height : 71cm

* Head Circumference : 23.5cm

* Neck Circumference : 12cm

* Bust Circumference : 30.2cm

* Shoulder size : 14.5cm

* Waist Circumference : 22.8cm

* Hip Circumference : 29.2cm

* Arm length :20cm

* wrist Circumference : 6.6cm

* Thigh Circumference : 18.2cm

* Hip to ankle length : 41.3cm (leg length)

* Foot size : 8.3cm(length) 3.3cm(width) 8cm(Circumference)

* Please check the details of doll's body image on "Data Room"

Modeling : Kim Jiae - C
Make-up : Red_kun
outfit : Kim Jiae - C


* Ball-jointed-dolls are always produced by the ordering-and-making system.

   Every dolls is handmade, and each and every one of dolls has its own serial number.

   For avoiding coufusions of serial numbers,

   An annul of the order and refund is not possible after you order the product,

  just because of customers' fickleness.

* the color of doll images now on the screen could be some differences with the

   original ones, depending on the conditions and property of the monitor.

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Title: good design~~!
Contents: good design~~!
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