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No.1S The Mirror 
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making story =


[blood line] no.1-S "The Mirror"

* Please check the details of doll's body image on "Data Room"

* Both of Sugarsleek share the same model of body, the difference is the head size.

R is 6inch, while S is 5inch.

*Exchanging to human teeth for Mirror head is available. Both of human and vampire version are the basic components.

* eye diameter : 8mm

* head grith : 5inch

* After you order the product, annul of the order and refund is not possible, by reason of ordering-and-making system.

* Can be shipped within 45-50 business days.

1. Product composition

- The Mirror main body(The selections of skin color is available.)

- pouch, cotton covers, certification card


Modeling : Kim Jiae - C
Make-up : Red_kun
outfit : Kim Jiae - C

* Ball-jointed-dolls are always produced by the ordering-and-making system.

Every dolls is handmade, and each and every one of dolls has its own serial number.

For avoiding coufusions of serial numbers,
An annul of the order and refund is not possible after you order the product,
just because of customers' fickleness.

* the color of doll images now on the screen could be some differences with the original ones, depending on the conditions and property of the monitor.

The She _ Act 3

There was no more beautiful lady, but only monster.

Her beautiful hair, lags, milky skin were turned into bunch of snakes, viper tail, and ash gray flesh.

"She" was dominating the town with fear and terror.

All the people of the town were vanished to outter place, and their own home.

All the liveness of there were vanished.

"Human beings become evil when they find themselves they are mingled in crowds.

Most beloved one becomes most hated so simply...

So pleased that everyone is a single!"


Her voice and motion were like getting into the rhythm, just like singing and dancing.


It was the time that "He" were on the long long way back home,

who were eager to meet her again, so much he did not wanted to waste his time on sleeping for hurrying up.


"We will get a small house, our sweet home!

We'll have a daughter looks like her, go on a picnic on a holiday, clutivate a small garden.. and..."

He just could not hide his smiling face with happiness.


Yet what he have encountered was the village with grotesque air.

Statues rolling all around the ground makes it seemed the entire town were turned into

stony graveyard, literally.


"What happened??

Who have done this??

And where is my beloved girl??"


As he was in panic, there were noise from the bushes.

One of the village was not moving in fear and trembling, just like a living dead.


" Tell me what's going on! What happen to you and the people??"


"Save me.. A devil is here.. This is all what she have done..."


He rushed into the village and tried to find her, but could not.

Instead... with sounds of sliding ground and bleak air,

what he have found on there was something, hardly looks like either snake... and human being.

"She" ... was there.


The grotesque figure of her could not take his memory away.

So she was there. He could recognize it was her at once, even thought there was no "her".


"My love... my only jewel... what happened to you, sweetheart?

Can't believe you are the monster who have done this.

I swear I will destory the evil ruined you, where is it!?"


His wrath suddenly were quelled, and stunned in sudden, like his soul was gone.


"I... So it was ...I

I could have kept close to her...

She wanted me to stay with her forever...

I ruined her... to satisfy my happiness I have ever desired...


I will bear any punishment... anything to save you..."


With breaking heart, he stood in front of her,

though he did not necessarily believe she would recognize him.


"Still there is someone being alive with stinking smell.

You can try to get away from me, or stay here and cry for mercy.

But don't ever expect I will accept it."

Her creepy laughter echoed through the air.


"I need no mercy my dear... but grimmer judgement from you.

Sorry... So Sorry...

I wouldn't say you will forgive me...

Wish you are happy forever.."


Slowly he raised his face. His eyes were on hers.

She could not believe that it was his own will to contact his eyes on her,

couldn't take her eyes off him... turnning into stone.


Crying face with no fear. Such weirdness. She wanted to look him again.

As his last tear was shed,

As she have finally recognize the pity creature in front of her was HIM,

It was too late.


What have I done with this evil figure to people... and him?"

At the moment she was awaken, and look around herself in panic.

"Here I was waiting for you and wanted you to stay with me forever... with warm body but not cool statue.

Why didn't you get away from me? Why didn't you leave this terrible monster and save yourself?

How did this happen? What should I do?"

She was overcome with grief for a long long time, and stood near the lake, as she have determined something.


"At the moment I failed to kill myself, but this time it wouldn't be so hard.

Just staring my eyes is all I need to... do.

Sweetheart.. I know you left me for our happiness.. but had no choice.

My heart was wrecked miserably, and committed such unforgivable sin.

If there is God and have mercy on me,

we will meet again on ... there.."


Her eyes were on lake, and her sight.

Her body was freezing, just like the moment she have thrown herself into the cold lake.

By the time the spirit came out of her body with explosion of light,

and she have turnned back into her beautiful figure.

The spirit said.


"I'm so sick you always give up your life so easily.

You were already dead as well, and I proposed to possess your body to save you.

It was my mistake that I was underestimated the result when hatred and power becomes one..

so much I have lost my consciousness! for a while!"


So this is the last chance!

I wouldn't give you third.

Take a good care of your life in this time. I'm not gonna staying around you and save your life again and again..

Those bunch of bastards will turn back into human.

But could this be enough punishment for them? Dunno.



She said thanks to it again and again, and rushed back to him in tears.

Surely he was turnning back to alive. He looked at her as he woke up.

They couldn't believe they were alive and being together again.

They cuddled. They felt warmth on their heart.

It was the moment they have eagered so much ever.


But the warmth was too much.

Her breasts were stained with her warm blood, by the arrow on her back.

He could see the crowd was standing behind them.

"Escape~! That monster will kill you!!"

It seemed that the guy at the gate was the snitch.



She was hardly able to move her neck, saying with her last breath.

"Leave me... and go.... Get outta.... here.... "

He was driven by the inability to do so already. He was holding her harder.

"Sweetheart.. I will not ever leave you again.

I wouldn't let you being alone anymore...

We will be together.. Your body is so warm...

Sorry I took you so long..."


" Now he must be the same as her!!

Kill them all~!!"

In the arrow rain, the lovers were smiling,

cuddling against each other... with happiness.



*A sealing box the SUGARBLE doll had been provided will be substituted with pouch below.
We know the box has been beloved by many customers so far, yet we decided to provide much more
practical and useful item then the previous.

It is a pouch me have sincerely prepared for carrying dolls safer and lighter than a sealing box, including shock absorbing materials.

We all thank you for your love for our sealing boxes so far, and please be look forward to pouches from now.
Thank you.

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