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No.1S Monster
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[blood line] no.1-S "Monster"

* Please check the details of doll's body image on "Data Room"

* Both of Sugarsleek share the same model of body, the difference is the head size.

R is 6inch, while S is 5inch.

*Exchanging to human teeth for Monster head is available. Both of human and vampire version are the basic components.

* eye diameter : 8mm

* head grith : 5inch

* After you order the product, annul of the order and refund is not possible, by reason of ordering-and-making system.

* Can be shipped within 45-50 business days.

1. Product composition

- Monster main body(The selections of skin color is available.)

- pouch, cotton covers, certification card


demonic dragon & Medusa wig manual image

demonic dragon & Medusa wig non brushing detail image

Modeling : Kim Jiae - C
Make-up : Red_kun
outfit : Kim Jiae - C

* Ball-jointed-dolls are always produced by the ordering-and-making system.

Every dolls is handmade, and each and every one of dolls has its own serial number.

For avoiding coufusions of serial numbers,
An annul of the order and refund is not possible after you order the product,
just because of customers' fickleness.

* the color of doll images now on the screen could be some differences with the original ones, depending on the conditions and property of the monitor.

The She _ Act 2

It was fortunate or unfortunate she was still alive, woke up to the chill wind of night.
She couldn't move and find herself whether she is alive or dead, where she is, and was just lying on the ground and staring at the moon.

"Wish I was dead at the moment I fell in the river...
Was I wish I found myself dying miserably like this...
How pathetic am I...till the last"

Then she saw a strange incorporeal being, like a dragon or spirite, floating above her.

"So you are a messenger from netherworld... come to take my life...
Now go ahead and set me free..."

"I'm not here to take your life away, lady.
Better yet, I'm here to give you a power...!
You can have your revenge on bastards those made you fell in river with it."

"A revenge? I don't even think about...
If I really could have that power, I just hope it would protect myself from anyone whoever hates me"

"Sure it will.."

He was slurring his words, as he was trying to hide something to her, and saying...

By the way~!! for generating the power, I need your blonde hair as a fuel.
But no need to worry! I'm not going to take your whole beautiful hair!
Only the color of it will be changed... to lovely BLOODY RED!"

"I don't care whatever my hair color will be... I don't even care if you take me to the hell right now in fact.."

"Great~! Then it's settled. Just remember the deal is irrevocable~!"

As the spirit enveloped her, the light on it became brighter and brighter just like it absorbs luster of her blond hair,
and her hair were poisoned and turned into bloody red.
She could feel something was bubbling over herself. More than just power, pride, beyond those sense.
She did not changed. But only, her pale skin became much more freshened, and charming.
Murderous look in her eyes ...was there.

Few days later. Those "bastards" and her met on the bridge.
It was her who started talking.


At the moment they did not realize whom she was at once.
Then someone finally recognized her face and said something. That was the only question.

"You... changed your hair color?"

Daunted for a while, but soon snappe madly at her to hide their feeling.

"So you think you've become someone else? You dare provoke us?"

"Pity. I thought we were all friends. So what's wrong with having a trivial conversation?
Ah. For you, friends are people who push someone down to river, you're saying...
so I should be a person who push YOU ALL down to the bridge...?

"Why you...!!"

The crowd roughly dashed and pull her hair.
But at that instant they felt somehow the hair was wriggling and alive.

" I swear I'm gonna cut this bitch's hair!"

Her hair was violently caught, but there was no fear on her eyes.
Rather, the fear was on the eyes of the crowd... though they looked furious outwardly.
As time passed, they were no more grabbing her hair, but GRABBED by it.
And finally as they drew gardening scissors and try to cut it...
Strands of hair put together, became vipers, fiercely hacked up his pale arm grabbing her hair,
and pierced his throat till he's dead.

The beautiful riverside were full of shriek, turned into bloodbath.
She was holding up someone in the "bastards", throttling him, saying -

"You said I've become someone else?
Your idea dominates someone else's image.
You all gave up to think about his or her nature long ago...
Once you treated me a bitch, I was a bitch...
Once you terrified at me... I am the TERROR of you.

The man who was caughted her eyes and throttled by her... was slowly turning into stone.

"I bag you!! Save me!! You were not evil but innocent!
We, We were friends! FRIENDS!!
No! I'll be your dog! So DON"T KILL MEEE!!!"

She was staring at wailling man's face silently, and said in her wispering but cold blooded voice.

"Painful...? Fear me....? I'm not yet even started..."

*A sealing box the SUGARBLE doll had been provided will be substituted with pouch below.
We know the box has been beloved by many customers so far, yet we decided to provide much more
practical and useful item then the previous.

It is a pouch me have sincerely prepared for carrying dolls safer and lighter than a sealing box, including shock absorbing materials.

We all thank you for your love for our sealing boxes so far, and please be look forward to pouches from now.
Thank you.

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